The deluxe 24" (60 cm) High-Performance (HP™), in-motion marine satellite TV antenna system with extended geographic coverage

The deluxe TracVision G6-HP is the premier 24" diameter DVB®-compatible, high-performance marine satellite TV system.

Featuring KVH’s award-winning GyroTrac™ Digital Gyro Compass providing unsurpassed satellite acquisition and unparalleled system control, it is ideal for vessels 50 ft (15 m) and larger. The system automatically identifies, acquires, and tracks satellite signals from a range of DIRECTV® and DVB-compatible satellites, even in geographic areas having weaker satellite signal strength.

The TracVision G6-HP provides commercial-grade performance in the most extreme conditions, even when installed 60 feet in the air on the top of a tuna tower on a vessel traveling at speeds of up to 40 knots! Its high-torque motor provides superior tracking and is able to overcome up to 12 Gs of force, ensuring that the antenna is pointed at the satellite at all times.

The TracVision G6-HP’s rugged construction and rigid rotating plate provide a sturdy, inflexible platform for ultimate vibration resistance while enhanced control algorithms provide superior satellite tracking performance.

With the GyroTrac, you get not only the fastest satellite acquisition available and enhanced pitch/roll antenna compensation, but also a user-friendly control unit from which you can select different satellites and configure all aspects of the system.

Now, thanks to the even more precise tracking of the TracVision HP, KVH customers are able to enjoy satellite TV farther offshore and in conditions where competing products just won't work reliably.

Whether your vessel is at the dock, at anchor, or in rough seas, TracVision G6-HP will bring you hundreds of channels of uninterrupted, crystal-clear digital entertainment with CD-quality sound.



Price: $7999.00